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Zipit Forest Adventures 



Zipit Forest Adventures is nestled in the pine forest of Tibradden Wood. Its wooden platforms wraped around trees from 1-20 metres. You tackle ladders, rope bridges, swinging logs, cargo nets and ziplines as you work your way through any of the five circuits. Enjoy thrills high above amoungst the trees with the most up-to-date safety equipment. 

Some of the circuits are age dependant, children must be supervised by an adult either particiapting or from the ground. And you get a 3 hour session, which you can complete at your own pace. The Green Circuit is aimed at young children with platforms starting at 1 metre high. The Orange Circuit has platforms from 4 metres high, it is perfect for children aged 9 or more. It's also a great confidance builder for adults facing their fear of heights for the first time. The White Circuit is as a high as 10 metres in some places. This one is slightly harder and higher than the orange circuit. The Blue Circuit is for children aged 12 or more, with heights of 15 metres and lots of zipwires. This circuit takes a while but theres a few short cuts if your time is limited. The Red Circuit is a real challenge and requires major energy and upper body strength. Its aimed at real thrill seekers as you base jump from 15-20 metres!

All of the courses are built in Coillte Forestry with every activity starting and finishing at a tree. No concrete structures or wooden poles are in sight, ensuring minimum impact to the forest park. Every aspect could be dismantled leaving the forest undamaged. 

Some of the facilities at Zipit are car parking, toiltet, and The Cabin offering food and drink. While your there do the Tibradden Wood Trail which starts at the forest entrance to the summit of Tibradden mountain then continouing on to the Wicklow Way, enjoy panoramic views of Dublin Bay. 

Get to this attraction amoungst the trees only 25 minutes by car from the hotel! Book your tickets here