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What is Group Personal Training?

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself ? Lack structure in your training? Not seeing results and getting frustrated?

If so, maybe consider Group Personal Training!

Group Personal Training involves working with more than one individual (5 max) to help them achieve their specific goals. 


Why Choose Group PT?

Group Personal Training is a great way to get results in an enjoyable, cost effective and engaging environment. You will constantly challenge yourself but at the same time have fun in the process. It is much easier to motivate and push each other in a group setting, which will really help your overall results.


Who is Group Personal Training for?

If you find it hard to motivate yourself and need a bit of accountability to help you reach your goals, group personal training is for you!

Whether that is Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Strength etc… we will have a session for everybody.

The sessions are designed in a way where you can constantly monitor you progress, so you know you are going in the right path. They are made for all levels of fitness, the trainers will be able to regress and progress all exercises given, making it as easy or as difficult as you need.


How much does it cost?

Group Personal Training is paid for on a session-by-session basis and is available for current Talbotfit Members as well as, Non-Members.

€10 per Session for TalbotFit Members

€15 per Session for Non-Members


Bookings are required 24 hours in advance and can be made HERE

Alternatively, you can callemail or drop in to book your spot

All bookings are subject to availability